Attempt at Homemade Vinegar

Rob and I love making things that are easier to buy at the store, ourselves.  Some say this is cool, others say this is just us being gluttons for punishment.  Plus this is my first post, so thought it would be an interesting one since we can now have this be ongoing..

First of all, a thing about vinegar.  Vinegar is the biproduct of a fermentation process.  A large gnarly disc of a yeast, called a mother will eat all the sugars in wine and the biproduct is vinegar.   To make your own vinegar you need a mother.  You can buy them or you can  make your own but you cant use standard vinegar.  It has been pasteurized to kill the mother.  So you need to find an unpastuerized one. 

Now you may ask why you would want to make your own vinegar.. Again see above.. we are gluttons who want to be able to play.. so this is what we did.

So here goes.  This was actually our third attempt.   The first was en epic three month fail..  the original vinegar had been pasteurized.  The second we had used this vinegar but had listened to someone who told us to aerate it.. and we got a mother but she was a moldy mother.  Not good to eat.    So dont try this until we have reposted if it worked!

  First of all the ingredients. 

Red Wine Vinegar
1 open topped gallon jar
2 bottles red wine
1 cup unpastuerized vinegar

First off… the ingredients.

Make sure that you have thoroughly washed out your jar with alot of hot soapy water and rinsed well.    Then add the cup of vinegar.  We used one we got at a farmers market.

Then add your wine.  We used a kind of, hell VERY cheap wine from Walmart.  It was a whopping $3 a bottle.    Once we are sure this will work we will use a better type but we didnt want to waste a good bottle in case this became Failed Attempt 3. 

Cut the cheese cloth so that is able to be folded into 4 layers and still fit over the lid of the jar.   Then secure with a rubberband.

Viola… your finished product should look like this.

Now find a room temperature place, with out too much direct sunlight that will not be disturbed too much!   Let is sit for 2 weeks then check on it. 

We will post again when we have checked it and update for you all..

Thanks for reading..



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