Merry Christmas Ponderings

As I near the end of Christmas Eve and the start of Christmas Day, I am sitting in my home with 5 of my favorite people all asleep around me.  My mom is asleep on the couch, Aaron is in the chair, my dad is up in Aarons bed, and Nik is in his.  Rob is sleeping in our bed a few feet away.  I am sitting here pondering the life i am so blessed to have. 

 I am struck by how lucky I am.   The old adage when times are tough is that “well atleast you have your health” and right now that isnt completely true.  I have two doctors appts this week, one kid has an ear infection and the other needs ear surgery, and well, Rob has Hodgkins.  This could all lead me to wonder what I have to be lucky about.  Let me tell you…….  I am lucky that I have a home that i love despite its shack like appearance.  I have a car and the things that make my life easier to manage.  I have a JOB which is a fantastic and wonderous thing.  I am oh so very lucky that I have so many wonderful friends who love me for more than just my cooking blog, which has suffered this week.   I am truly thankful for them every day.  We would not have survived the last three months if it wasnt for them.   But most of all, I am lucky that I have a family that works as well as mine does.  My husband and kids make me nuts but keep me sane at the same time.  My parents and the rest of the family are there are much as they can be and always make us feel important.

So on this most joyous of times of year, remember that it isnt about how much you spent, how much you got or how much you gave, it is about how much you love and are loved.  I know i am loved.  I hope i show my love enough. 

Merry Christmas, world.  Thank you for everything..


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