My Healthy Men.. LOL

Robbies oncologist called us on Wednesday night to let us know that Robbies PET scan had “no uptake” (cancer cells will absorb more of the radioactive material used than normal cells so they can see cancer as this brighter spots on the scan).  This means that the cancer is almost fully resolved.  This means that will probably only have to finish the chemo and will not have to have radiation.  This is wonderful news for him cause we didnt want him to have to go through radiation but also for us because I would have been out of work for a month with him, and i wouldnt be getting paid.  Thank goodness!!  Rob is his usual, whatever-self.  He hates chemo and wishes he didnt have to continue but she explained why.  LOL

I took both the boys to see the ENT on Thursday.

Niks hearing is a bit diminished still from when his ex girlfriend boxed his ear so he has to get an audiology exam to see if there was any nerve damage!   I could just slap her back.  She knew he had hearing and ear issues.  So keep your fingers crossed.

Aaron was going in to see the ENT to make sure that this doctor would be willing to do his tympanoplasty (skin graft to fix the hole in his ear drum) but the doctor took one look and said that it was out of his area of expertise.  He hasnt done any where the scar tissue is this bad.  He said the whole ear drum on both sides, needed to be replaced, not just repaired.  He showed me the drums, both sides were completely white, they should be a pinky opague color.  He said that they dont really move the way they are supposed to and it is no surprise that Aaron has issues hearing.  SOOOO he will need to have a bi lateral tympanoplasty with full membrane graft and repair.  Lets hope it takes!

But it is a new year and they are all going to be getting healthier and this is going to be a fabulous year.  I have a few posts to get ready for later and some yummy recipes to get up here.


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  1. mrs.magoo
    Jan 02, 2011 @ 08:04:02

    That stinks about the boys, I hope the graft takes…but I am so happy for Rob! I had a dream last night that I bumped into you guys while shopping and Rob was telling me how he had been cancer free for a while – I think good things are in store for all of you 2011 will be an amazing year!


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