Nurse-y Hour Impending….

As any of my fellow nursing students can attest, the witching hour; or as I think of it the nurse-y hour; is upon me.  In less than 10 days I will be back in full swing of nursing school. I cant help but look at it like a large wall looming closer and closer.   On the other side of that wall is a better job, being a nurse.  BUT that wall is huge and since this is the last wall before I can go for my boards…. it is a giant scary wall with razor wire and guards patrolling the ramparts.  Yes I know that the guards are our teachers and they are also our guides but damn it is scary.

I have to say that I have enjoyed these last few weeks off, cooking, baking, blogging and reading… oh how I will miss reading.  Towards the end of a break I turn into a book mad woman.. taking it into the bathroom, reading at lunch, hell I would read in the car if I could.  Just to get that last bit of alternate reality in before I lose me again.   I read an article somewhere before I started, that nursing school is a giant journey of self discovery, where you both find yourself, and lose yourself. 

Lets think about that.. find yourself.  I can see that.  I am finding that I am good under pressure.  I am finding that I have a natural way that can usually calm people down.  I am also finding that things that gross people out doesnt usually do that to me.  These are all really cool findings.  BUT You also lose yourself.  While I am in school, I lose all my interests.  I dont get to cook that often.  I dont get to read ever other than text books.  I feel like I lose a bit of my connection with my family.  I know that we are there for each other but out of necessity, my focus isnt as fully on them as I wish it was.  I lose my self grooming time.. hell last semester I went 4 weeks without plucking my eyebrows.  I looked like a sasquatch when I took off my glasses.  LOL  But most of all I feel like I lose Kim.  Like I am only a nursing student, a wife and a mother.  Of all the roles I have, Kim is the one that is the most expendible because that lose doesnt affect other people or screw up school.

So tomorrow I will be making alot of yummies to put in the freezer and to take to Vermont for our DeVoid family Christmas.   I have more candy to make and things to do so I will stock up on pictures for future posts..  Dont forget me while I am off in nurse land. 

Happy living.


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  1. Kelley Wilson
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 21:11:21

    Hey Kim,

    I know it will be hard – but you can do it! But try to take time for yourself too!



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