Homemade Vinegar Part 2

Morning All..

So today we are doing an update on our Vinegar that we started the blog with.   Homemade Vinegar Part 1 is our third try at homemade vinegar.  So far Rob says it is working.  We have created a mother.  I tell him that it looks like a dirty jar. 

He assures me it is a mother.   Here is his explanation…   “what happens is  when you put a vinegar mother into wine it will float on top, then as the mother eats all the sugars in the wine it will sink and what is on top is vinegar.  So, right now the mother should be on the bottom of the jar with the vinegar on top”

So in theory there is a mother on the bottom….

Still looks like a dirty jar.   So now we are comtemplating who will be the daring one and try the fluid to see if it is vinegar or just nasty cheap rotten wine.  Rob doesnt like wine or vinegar and I am scared.  This conversation and negotiation went on for a couple minutes.  Then Nik was walking  by and heard us talking about it.  He said “I’ll do it”.  He does have an iron stomach.  And he is the healthiest one in the house right now.  Hmmmmmmmmmm how bad parenting is this. Then he said “cmon Mom.  I love vinegar!!”     So here is how it went.

He was actually excited to try it..
Then the try….

Then the face that shows the result..

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo this was fail #3.   Robbie thinks it is because the wine didnt have enough sugar in it.  And when he scraped the bottom there wasnt much mother in it, if any.   Buying this would be much cheaper, but it makes the hubby happy.. keeps him busy and out of my hair…. and as any wife will tell you.. that is worth quite a bit in itself.

Happy Failures!!!


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