Boys Driving

So Aaron got his license this past week.  It has been an adjustment.  The first time I saw him get in a car and drive without me was, well an eye opener.  They are not boys anymore.  They are men.  Nik will be driving soon too.  I can say that “I am not ready for this” but in reality, I am.  I have been preparing for this for years, I have been teaching them to be independent and think for themselves.  Teaching them to cook.  Teaching them to make good decisions based on critical thinking and forethought.  I know that they will do well in the world. 

The whole driving thing is a double edged sword.  It opens things up for us.  I wont be the only one who can run errands.  It will give the three of them some freedom while I am stuck in school, but now they are more indepedent.  And they wont need me as much.

I said I was ready for this, not that I would like it.


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