I hate to admit it but I love subscribers!  This week I have had 4 new subscribers!  These are people who are signing up to hear about the things I like to make.  They are signing up to hear about my family and my familys journeys in the kitchen.  It amazes me someone outside my circle of loved ones would think that my life, is anything remotely resembling interesting.  Then I remember that my blog is about one of the great equalizers.. food.  HAHA  and then it all comes into focus. 

So on that note, I tell all my subscribers.. all 9 of you.. one of which is my darling husband Rob…..  to tell all your friends about me if you like my recipes and my warped sense of life.  It is good for my ego and honestly with all that is going on in my life and in the world, I could use it!  Keeps me honest.    If you have ideas or thoughts about recipes you might like to see, let me know and if I have one, I will try to get it out there.. but no guarantees until school is over! 

Happy Reading!!


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