Back on track!!!

Today marks a good day for a restart.  I hope to start posting again in the next week.  Hurricane yesterday, the boys turned 18 last week and school starts up again today for me.  Life is barreling along and i need something to keep my mind on the prize!  Not sure what the prize is but I do know it involves, my family, my friends, my new job and being the best Kim I can be..   So leave me a post about what you want to see next, main dish?  dessert?  side dish??  which ever one gets the most posts in the next three days will win. 
One thing I am going to do to make this more fun for me and less labor intensive so I can post more, is a few less pictures.  Part of the problem is that my new camera sucks and the old one got broken so taking 20 pics for each recipe is totally labor intensive and takes about 50-60 pics to weed through.  So I will be doing less pics!  You all know how to chop onions and veg and other than showing  if there is specific way to dice/chop/shred it wont have a full step by step..

See you all me your wish!


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