Back on Track… I hope!

Life has been amazing the last year or so… very busy and very full of fun, family and food. This last year brought my beloved boys moving out and leaving me with a terrible case of empty nest, a wonderful new job as a visiting nurse which has left me fulfilled in so many ways, and it has brought me a wonderful new addition to our lives in the form of my grandson Dylan. He is the joyous oooops who has brought so much happiness and smiles to everyone who meets him. DSC06264

And Rob and I have been working on weight loss..
At Nicoles Wedding

And Nik and Aaron might have gotten older but they haven’t grown up… (HORRIBLE PIC Of them but it makes me laugh)
NIk and Aaron being Nik and Aaron

I found a couple of posts in my drafts section that I will be posting in a day or so. I have decided that I don’t need all the pics in each post and that was part of what was taking me so long to get posts up, then I lost track of doing it.. blah blah. So anyway, time to get back on track. Cant wait to show you what we have been cooking..