And the Winner Is……..

I’m not telling yet.. haha.. 

Well to those who entered by comment or subscribed, or were already subscribed, I am sure you have probably been waiting with bated breath to know who the winner of my 50th Blog Post Giveaway was.  I am sure it has the only topic of your dreams and the curiousity has been killing you!!  Well wait no more! 

Okay wait a minute or two.. first of all sorry for confusion about the drawing date.  I wrote that it was going to happen on the 9th after my exam.  Well the exam was on the 11th.  For some reason I thought the 9th was a Monday.  The 9th I was actually at University of New Hampshire on a pre-orientation visit to the college my son will be going to.  That was a bittersweet day!  The drawing did not take place on Monday though because I was swamped with school stuff.  The drawing did not actually happen until this morning.. about 5 minutes ago.  I know, I am a slacker! Sowwy.

So as promised, I went out and found a Box that was easy to clean and added a couple of fun cards and Voila… this is what our lucky winner is going to get in the mail soon. 

And an assortment of colorful cards and alphabetizing cards!!!

Forgive the fuzziness.. learning to use this camera and I havent read the book..  I *NEED* to read the book..  Instructions are important.

So I suppose you are all sitting on the edge of your seat?  No.. well you should be…

And the winner is….

Courtney… aka Punken.    I used a random number generator and put everyones name on a page and numbered them.  If they were a subscriber, they got one for subscribing, and another for commenting.  Courtney, I will be getting in touch with you on how you would like to collect your prize… yeahhhhhhhhhh Courtney! I will probably do another one for my 100th post so keep watching.. I will be done my AS in Nursing in just 2 short weeks!  Then I will probably be posting most days to stave off the boredom so 100 might come up quick!

I hope you enjoyed this, even though I am a slacker and a week behind!

Happy Winning!!


Happy 50th Blog Post Giveaway

Well this is my 50th blog post!  Not all have been about food.   I think I have had maybe 10 about life, kids, family and nursing school but for the most part this is 50 times that you all have entered my world to hear about my exploits in the kitchen and in this huge world we live in.  This blog, and the comments, and whole process of putting something I love doing out there has been very therapeutic through this last few months.   It has helped me deal with life and I look forward to writing up my recipes and trying to take pictures that show my love of cooking and how my family spends time making good food. 

I want to give back to my “fans”.  Haha that sounds weird to say but even though I am sure not everyone likes my recipes or my style of cooking, it is nice to know that I have people who appreciate it, well people outside of my family.   So to give back I want to help some person out there to start keeping track of their favorite recipes.  I talk about “The Box” from time to time.  It is simply a 5×7 cue card box.  Made of plastic.  Its gray.  So nothing fancy.  BUT it is durable and holds some of my favorite non human friends.   

I went out today and picked up a present to have for my giveaway…. Your very own “Box”.  No guarantee it will be a prettier Box than my dreary little thing but for me the point of the Box was not to make it a show piece.  It has a very important job, to keep my family’s favorite recipes in it.  It holds the things that make our bellies happy.  I wanted mine to be easy to clean and more a kitchen tool than be flashy and attractive.  And I want you to have that too. 

So if you are at all interested in your very own free Box, there are two easy ways to enter.   Here they are:
1. Subcribe to my blog (those already subscribed will automatically be entered).
2. Leave a comment about which type of food you like to cook; desserts, main dishes, etc   and if you have tried/would like to try any of my recipes.

If you do either of these options,  I will enter your name in a drawing to win your own Box.  If you do both, then you will get entered twice.   Entries will be taken until April 9th at 9pm, cause that is my brothers birthday so a holiday in my world and I will have finished my 4th exam for the semester!!  I will contact and announce the winner the next day!

Now all that being said, I know this is silly and a blatant attempt to get subscibers and comments.  I am aware of this.  And the prize is kind of silly too.  I mean who really needs a card box, right?  Anyone who likes to keep their recipes at hand.   Or a weirdo like me.  Or someone who likes cooking?  Or someone who likes free stuff.    Whatever your reason, thanks for reading me from time to time and I hope that I keep making things that you like.  Thanks for being around to listen!!

Happy Winning!!