Back on Track… I hope!

Life has been amazing the last year or so… very busy and very full of fun, family and food. This last year brought my beloved boys moving out and leaving me with a terrible case of empty nest, a wonderful new job as a visiting nurse which has left me fulfilled in so many ways, and it has brought me a wonderful new addition to our lives in the form of my grandson Dylan. He is the joyous oooops who has brought so much happiness and smiles to everyone who meets him. DSC06264

And Rob and I have been working on weight loss..
At Nicoles Wedding

And Nik and Aaron might have gotten older but they haven’t grown up… (HORRIBLE PIC Of them but it makes me laugh)
NIk and Aaron being Nik and Aaron

I found a couple of posts in my drafts section that I will be posting in a day or so. I have decided that I don’t need all the pics in each post and that was part of what was taking me so long to get posts up, then I lost track of doing it.. blah blah. So anyway, time to get back on track. Cant wait to show you what we have been cooking..


But now I’m back…

No not from outer space! HA  I have had a couple people from work ask about my blog and a couple other people have asked about recipes so I am going to try posting atleast once a week.  I might not have as many pictures as before.. or even have pictures but I still loved posting my recipes and the fun I have in making them.   So this weekend I am going to be making some roasted brined chickens and using the leftovers to make chicken and dumplings tomorrow.  But todays recipe I am going to work on is called Double Coffee Browned Butter Blondies.   And I am using the coffee nibs we got in Honduras on our cruise as a special add on.

I will post the recipe tomorrow probably with atleast one picture but I wanted to let you know what is happening in the world of the Part Time Housewife.   Lets see, Aaron is in his second semester in college studying Landscape and Horticulture, Nik just started EMT school right after our cruise, and Rob is still waiting for his clinicals to start.  Oh and he has a new love affair with the Shark Steam Cleaner.  I should be jealous but the floors look better than they ever have, so I’m not!  HA

I am still in school, taking Leadership and Management in Nursing.  We just read 22 pages on budgeting, kill me now!  Nursing is going good. I do love it very much.  It is hard and I leave many days feeling inadequate but I am doing my best so that is all I can ask of myself I guess.

All in all life is good, interesting and busy.  We finally took the boys on that cruise we have been talking about for 2 years  and that was amazing.  I have to finish my Facebook posting of pictures today and work on our memory books!  Funny how life just gets away from you!  Maybe I will work on that now while the butter is defrosting for the blondies…. sounds like a plan.

and here is a pic of us on our trip

Catch you on the flip side.

Back on track!!!

Today marks a good day for a restart.  I hope to start posting again in the next week.  Hurricane yesterday, the boys turned 18 last week and school starts up again today for me.  Life is barreling along and i need something to keep my mind on the prize!  Not sure what the prize is but I do know it involves, my family, my friends, my new job and being the best Kim I can be..   So leave me a post about what you want to see next, main dish?  dessert?  side dish??  which ever one gets the most posts in the next three days will win. 
One thing I am going to do to make this more fun for me and less labor intensive so I can post more, is a few less pictures.  Part of the problem is that my new camera sucks and the old one got broken so taking 20 pics for each recipe is totally labor intensive and takes about 50-60 pics to weed through.  So I will be doing less pics!  You all know how to chop onions and veg and other than showing  if there is specific way to dice/chop/shred it wont have a full step by step..

See you all me your wish!

Passings and Changes

This past weekend my beloved Grandmother Carrie died.  She was a strong force for good ass kicking in my life.  She wouldnt listen to me whine and she wouldnt listen to me get upset.  She would tell me that things happen and you have to move on!  She would say “Kim, if wishes were horses we all would ride” but she knew that most of us were the foot shoulders of life and sitting here wishing for life to be different was useless.  She wanted me to get out and MAKE it different!  Wishing for life to change was futile.  With her I knew where I stood.  I knew that no matter what she supported me. 

I would call her 3-4 mornings a week on my way to work.  She would always say, gonna be late arent you.  Would it be me if I was on time?  LOL She was one of the best people in my life.  She taught me that people arent always what you expect and you have to take them as they are.  She taught me how to rule the kitchen.  Mom is the same so that lesson will continue to be learned.  She taught me to see life as something that you can not take for granted.  Gram had about 20 lives.  I think she used to steal them from the local cats.  She was larger than life and a force to be reckoned with.   I hope that there is a glimmer of her in me. 

She was so proud of me for finishing school and she is part of the reason I did.  She was sick (her and my other Gramma D) and I wanted to try to make sure that I would be there for other people who needed someone to love them while they healed.  Until today I had my heart set on working in the hospital setting.  My neighbor works at a nursing home and said she would help me try to get in where she works.  I was putting it off.. but this weekend while my grandmother was in that bed slowly dying, it was affecting the nurses on that unit.  She had been there so many times she was family.  Two of the nurses/aides/etc were there on their day off to sit the vigil.  She had about 15 people who were hospital employees stop by to check on her.  And alot of the staff were saddened greatly by her passing.  She was surrounded by love even when her family couldnt be there.  I want to repay those nurses by doing the same for someone else.  I havent heard about any of the other jobs I have applied for, this may be what I am supposed to do.

I hope Gram is up there baking and giving everyone hell.  She was a force in this life and I am sure she will be in the afterlife as well.  Miss you Gram..  and love you always..

Done, Done, Done.. well not quite but close enough!!

So I am done the horrible part of nursing school.. the core and clinicals.  I had pinning last week and graduation was on Saturday.  I can say I am relieved.. though I still need to take the boards and find a job.. oh and take the online classes for the bachelors…. but that is all.  HEHE  SO now my life as a nurse can start.  The good days/the bad days/ the uncertainty until I find a job.. and the joy of helping people. 

I want to thank all of those that helped me get here.. from family to friend and all in between.  To the few subscribers I have who read my recipes and blog and tell me how much they like it.. You helped me deal with school.   AND i will be able to post and get going on the 10 recipes I have pics of but didnt have time to write up.  Thanks especially to my loving husband Rob and my sons Nik and Aaron.. without you three I really would have not been able to do this..  Love you!

First day……….
Pinning night

Scared, Excited and Nervous

The next 6 weeks are going to be so big for me and my family.  We are having 3 of us graduate, one of us get his license, and take our first real family “vacation” ever.   I am so scared for school to be over and the real work to start.  I will be graduating 2 short weeks from today.  The boys in just 6.  Life is changing and it is exciting.  As I have watched the kids grow and mature I have been in awe at the way they seem to try to take things in stride.  I would like to think that will serve them well! 

Rob finished radiation this week, unless they come up with something funky there are no more treatments that should come out of the woodwork for us.  LOL  He is in good spirits but still not feeling too well. 

Now the job hunt starts.  I have already had one HR director elude that I shouldnt bother to apply at her facility since they dont take new grads.. no experience, no job..   Keep your fingers crossed!  I will be a great nurse.. just need to get in the door.

Thanks to all that have supported me.  It means the world..

Happy Changes!!!


I hate to admit it but I love subscribers!  This week I have had 4 new subscribers!  These are people who are signing up to hear about the things I like to make.  They are signing up to hear about my family and my familys journeys in the kitchen.  It amazes me someone outside my circle of loved ones would think that my life, is anything remotely resembling interesting.  Then I remember that my blog is about one of the great equalizers.. food.  HAHA  and then it all comes into focus. 

So on that note, I tell all my subscribers.. all 9 of you.. one of which is my darling husband Rob…..  to tell all your friends about me if you like my recipes and my warped sense of life.  It is good for my ego and honestly with all that is going on in my life and in the world, I could use it!  Keeps me honest.    If you have ideas or thoughts about recipes you might like to see, let me know and if I have one, I will try to get it out there.. but no guarantees until school is over! 

Happy Reading!!

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