Done, Done, Done.. well not quite but close enough!!

So I am done the horrible part of nursing school.. the core and clinicals.  I had pinning last week and graduation was on Saturday.  I can say I am relieved.. though I still need to take the boards and find a job.. oh and take the online classes for the bachelors…. but that is all.  HEHE  SO now my life as a nurse can start.  The good days/the bad days/ the uncertainty until I find a job.. and the joy of helping people. 

I want to thank all of those that helped me get here.. from family to friend and all in between.  To the few subscribers I have who read my recipes and blog and tell me how much they like it.. You helped me deal with school.   AND i will be able to post and get going on the 10 recipes I have pics of but didnt have time to write up.  Thanks especially to my loving husband Rob and my sons Nik and Aaron.. without you three I really would have not been able to do this..  Love you!

First day……….
Pinning night


Scared, Excited and Nervous

The next 6 weeks are going to be so big for me and my family.  We are having 3 of us graduate, one of us get his license, and take our first real family “vacation” ever.   I am so scared for school to be over and the real work to start.  I will be graduating 2 short weeks from today.  The boys in just 6.  Life is changing and it is exciting.  As I have watched the kids grow and mature I have been in awe at the way they seem to try to take things in stride.  I would like to think that will serve them well! 

Rob finished radiation this week, unless they come up with something funky there are no more treatments that should come out of the woodwork for us.  LOL  He is in good spirits but still not feeling too well. 

Now the job hunt starts.  I have already had one HR director elude that I shouldnt bother to apply at her facility since they dont take new grads.. no experience, no job..   Keep your fingers crossed!  I will be a great nurse.. just need to get in the door.

Thanks to all that have supported me.  It means the world..

Happy Changes!!!

Whats in a name….

well change in my case.  I was sitting here today and realized I didnt like the name of this blog.   I think that this place will be about more than just food.. at some point it might be stories about my patients, my patience and other passions I have.  So this is what I came up with.  I am not a housewife in the purest sense, but I am one at heart.  I am a Part Time Housewife.  For now, this is me……

 The louder roars will come later!

Nurse-y Hour Impending….

As any of my fellow nursing students can attest, the witching hour; or as I think of it the nurse-y hour; is upon me.  In less than 10 days I will be back in full swing of nursing school. I cant help but look at it like a large wall looming closer and closer.   On the other side of that wall is a better job, being a nurse.  BUT that wall is huge and since this is the last wall before I can go for my boards…. it is a giant scary wall with razor wire and guards patrolling the ramparts.  Yes I know that the guards are our teachers and they are also our guides but damn it is scary.

I have to say that I have enjoyed these last few weeks off, cooking, baking, blogging and reading… oh how I will miss reading.  Towards the end of a break I turn into a book mad woman.. taking it into the bathroom, reading at lunch, hell I would read in the car if I could.  Just to get that last bit of alternate reality in before I lose me again.   I read an article somewhere before I started, that nursing school is a giant journey of self discovery, where you both find yourself, and lose yourself. 

Lets think about that.. find yourself.  I can see that.  I am finding that I am good under pressure.  I am finding that I have a natural way that can usually calm people down.  I am also finding that things that gross people out doesnt usually do that to me.  These are all really cool findings.  BUT You also lose yourself.  While I am in school, I lose all my interests.  I dont get to cook that often.  I dont get to read ever other than text books.  I feel like I lose a bit of my connection with my family.  I know that we are there for each other but out of necessity, my focus isnt as fully on them as I wish it was.  I lose my self grooming time.. hell last semester I went 4 weeks without plucking my eyebrows.  I looked like a sasquatch when I took off my glasses.  LOL  But most of all I feel like I lose Kim.  Like I am only a nursing student, a wife and a mother.  Of all the roles I have, Kim is the one that is the most expendible because that lose doesnt affect other people or screw up school.

So tomorrow I will be making alot of yummies to put in the freezer and to take to Vermont for our DeVoid family Christmas.   I have more candy to make and things to do so I will stock up on pictures for future posts..  Dont forget me while I am off in nurse land. 

Happy living.