The RANK crew

RANK stands for Rob Aaron Nik Kim.  We are RANK.

Lets see. where to start.  Life is interesting in our house.  There is my husband Rob, our twin sons, Nik and Aaron, our two cats and our dog.    I have the bestest husband and kids in the world.  I am currently in nursing school and they take care of the house and cooking so i can take care of work and studying. 

I have always been a cook.  I love all things about the kitchen, the gadgets, baking, cooking, canning, making things from scratch and doing it all with my family.  Most of the things you will see on here, will be made by Rob and I but also many the kids will help with.    They started learning to cook when they were 7 or 8 years old.    Some lucky ladies..well will be lucky to get them.  LOL  They cook and clean and do laundry!!

Some pictures of my family.

  The boys when they were little.

        And now!!

  And my wonderful husband.

So i am writing this as a way to relax.  A way to share with myself and the world my love of cooking.  I hope you enjoy it.


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