Worlds Best Eggs

Okay maybe not the worlds best, but certainly my favorite and best eggs ever.  I was playing around last weekend and made one for myself and had to wake Aaron up so I could make him one!!  I had a hard time coming up with the name since it has mexican, canadian and french influences in it.. so I said its the best of both worlds.. and  now they are the worlds best eggs. 

I adore breakfast.    I think that it is the funnest meal of the day,  and I especially love Sunday breakfast.  I love making it in my pjs and eating in my slippers with my family.   It is one of the few meals lately where I actually get to sit and not have to worry about rushing off to get something done because I try very hard to make sure that Sunday mornings I get atleast one hour of relax time.

So without further ado..   Worlds Best Eggs (well my worlds anyway, hehe)

Yield one “omelet”  if made with 2 eggs 7 WW points
2 tbsp chopped red or vidalia onion (yellow is fine too just not as sweet)
2 tbsp salsa (see note below)
1 oz of canadian bacon
2 eggs
1/2 oz of chevre or other herbed goat cheese

Cast of Characters

In a small frying pan on medium heat add your chopped onion and using a knife or in my case, your kitchen scissors, chop up the ham into little pieces.

Saute them up until they are slighly browned. 

A word about salsa.  I make my own.  I love my salsa.  That is all.. Oh wait..  One more thing.  I love chunky salsa, Rob doesnt.  So there is always a jar of my salsa that he has pulsed in the food processor so it is smooth and chunk free.  I find this to be sacrilege but he likes it so I try not to let it bother me.  I wanted the salsa throughout the eggs for this recipe so I did the unthinkable and used his pulsed up salsa.. I feel dirty. 

Stir it around and cook for a minute or two until the fluid is gone.

Move the “stuff” off to one side and spray with a bit more pam or oil, then do the same with the other side.   Eggs are a pure protein and as such release no natural lubricant of their own.  They have no fat or “fluid” so they will stick without good lubrication!

Spread the stuff back out and drop your eggs on top.  I use two usually but this picture has three eggs in it, Aaron is a growing boy!

Scramble the egg around a bit so you dont have giant pockets of yolks.   Flip and plate.   Give the kid a taste of just the yummy eggs..

Then crumble the goat cheese over the top.  It will melt slightly and soften.  Serve with toast and coffee, or juice, or a mimosa!  No mimosa for the child though.

I was worried that the tangy taste of the goat cheese would mask the sweetness of the onions or the gentle mild spice of the salsa but they meshed so well together, that I can honestly say this is my favorite way to have eggs.   I actually had them today without the canadian bacon and they were fantastic too.  I usually dont buy alot of goat cheese because it is expensive and the kids will eat a whole log in about 10 seconds, but this recipe might just make me have to keep some in the fridge. 

Happy Breakfasting!!